This is where you’ll find my reviews for the games that I play, and the movies and television that I watch. These reviews will often be completed after my initial viewing / playthrough, but may also be retrospective – offering my take on a product I’ve experienced many times, or first experienced some time ago.

I use a five-point and halves scale to grade films, television, and video games.

An approximate guide for Video Games:

1 / 5 = Absolute trash. Seek a refund if you were unfortunate enough to purchase.

2 / 5 = Below average. Worth impulse buying during the Steam Summer Sale, if at all. Try and borrow a friend’s copy if curiosity gets the better of you.

2.5 / 5 = Standard experience. Worth playing, but maybe not worth full retail-price. If seen on sale or as a reduced-price bundle with DLC included, consider buying.

3 / 5 = Above average experience. Worth playing and keeping.

4 / 5 = Good game. Worth full retail price. A noticeable step above the competition worth no-lifing.

5 / 5 = A masterpiece. These are the games that you hang on to old consoles for. These are the games you wish you could erase from your memory, just so you could pop it in and experience it fresh all over again. Literally the feeling in your chest when you hear the original Halo theme song.

An approximate guide for Movies:

1 / 5 = Never see this film.

2 / 5 = Below average film. Avoid unless someone else is buying.

2.5 / 5 = Standard fare. Wait until it’s on Netflix.

3 / 5 = Above average film. Worth the ticket price.

4 / 5 = Good film. See in theaters. Tell your friends.

5 / 5 = Excellent film. A must-see in theaters. Drop the cash for IMAX. Sit in the middle-seats of the middle-row with some fresh popcorn and a large soda. This is why we love movies.

An approximate guide for Television:

1 / 5 = Dud. Avoid show, season, episode.

2 / 5 = Below average. Look up the synopsis online.

2.5 / 5 = Standard fare. You aren’t missing anything, but worth watching.

3 / 5 = Above average. Add this to your watchlist.

4 / 5 = Good. Solid, entertaining television. Happily binge-away.

5 / 5 = Excellent. Literally the expression on Hank’s face when he discovers Walt is Heisenberg. This is game-changing for the season / show / television as a medium. Drop what you’re doing and watch this.

My process for reviewing media.

Video Games:

Reviewing games is tricky. They are multifaceted, often incredibly complex things that can require hundreds of hours to experience fully. I’ll do my best to explore all that a game has to offer before posting a review (if I can stand to finish it.) Video Games are a complete package, and should be judged as such. Any one element of a game that fails will reflect in its overall score. I consider the cost of games when I determine an overall score as well, as it requires a larger investment from consumers than film or television.


Reviewing films provides, by far, the most inconsistent results regarding final scores. Subjectivity comes into play far more than in Games or Television. A video game can have a shit-show of a story, but a stellar multiplayer – making it playable for weeks on end. A television show can have a rocky first-season and then grow to define its genre by the end of its run. While films can evolve over the course of a mega-franchise like the MCU, it’s far more likely that a movie only be as strong as its weakest component. Decent lighting can’t save a bland plot, and a decent plot can’t fully outplay drab imagery. Major Hollywood features are the big-leagues, and should be judged harshly, but fairly. I consider technical aspects when I grade a film, but far more importantly I consider entertainment-value. It has to be worth the money they’re asking for at the door. Otherwise, poor grades.


More often than not I watch my television on streaming services. Therefore, my reviews will often encompass an entire season after a nice weekend of binging the show. Within the season-review I’ll be sure to highlight the best episodes or most effect moments, as well as the worst and least. For shows released weekly, whether on cable or streaming, I’ll be sure to post an episode review asap. Otherwise, television shows will trickle in a bit more slowly than video game and movie reviews, strictly due to the time it takes to absorb all the action and write about it.