The news is daunting, and oftentimes tainted with agenda-bias, and this will be no exception.

So what I’ve decided to do, like any decent American, is focus entirely on news pertinent to the things I’m interested in.

Let’s keep tabs on Hideo Kojima, Steven Spielberg, and whichever classic show is finally getting its revival.

This isn’t investigative journalism, or even leave-the-couch journalism. Someone like YongYea is going to post a video on YouTube and expose a new Activision loot-box controversy, and I’m going to bitch about it here, on my blog! Down with loot-boxes! Seriously! Or, I’ll type “movies” into Google and search the News-tab there, and offer my take on the latest, right here.

This will also be the place to find Scott Mendelson-like updates on the box-office performance of movie-blockbusters, updates on the release schedules for movies and games, and whether or not my favorite shows are surviving another season.

This will be opinionated, but with a fair bit of restraint. So, posts will be on the shorter side. I’m saving the soap-box rants for the Commentary section of this website.

Alright, let’s get to the news!