I’m really excited about this page.

These are my thoughts on all things Games, Movies, and Television. There is no metric, no rule, no excluded topics of conversation. And that’s what this is, primarily – a conversation. This is where I’ll unpack the deeper meaning I’ve gleaned from a particularly symbolic scene, and where I’ll rage about the turning point in an otherwise decent franchise.

This is where you can find the random thoughts that pop into my head and won’t leave me alone, or where I’ll extrapolate on “what if” scenarios.

My opinions on film, film making, the industry, etc. The legacy of certain video games and mechanics, and how they hold up today. Which shows I think are more deserving of their prestige and how they’ve impacted the industry and pop-culture.

This is where I remove the filter and discuss these three mediums, small-scale and large, and try to make sense of it.

It’s going to be fun.