This is the retrospective area of the website. There’s an ominous thing that follows me around like a shadow, even on my best days. It torments me, endlessly pecking at my attention when it feels I’ve forgotten it. It is, of course, my backlog.

This is for the media I’ve always wanted, or been recommended, to watch or play, and I had every intention of experiencing, but never got around to it. Be it the entirety of BoJack Horseman or Star Trek II. If I haven’t seen it, and it’s been out for a while, this is where it goes. I’ll review the material and post my thoughts and grades here.

Does this deserve its own section? Maybe not, but hear me out.

The difference between a backlog and everything else is this: someone out there made the case for the media, and I never got around to experiencing it. I’m not only factoring in my own expectations when watching / playing, but the expectations of others. It makes a difference, I promise.

So, what I do here is pretty simple. I go back through my backlog – that fucking mountain of unwatched television, movies, and unplayed games – and chip away at them and slowly, but surely, determine whether or not it was even worth experiencing. Considering not only my initial reaction, but weighing it against the product’s legacy and the time that’s passed.

I should reiterate how important it is to frame my responses around that question, “Was it worth it?” Because that’s exactly what one thinks when telling that pestering friend or family member that you’ve finally seen whatever it was they were bothering you about for so long. Something like, “Well? What did you think?” And then they stare eagerly at you.

Let’s see what’s worth it and what only looks good through rose-tinted glasses. Come check it out.