I’ve been an avid gamer my entire life. My closest and most meaningful friendships were formed through a shared love of certain video games and video games as a whole. I truly believe that gaming, as a pastime and livelihood to millions across the globe, brings people together – one lobby at a time.

But at the end of the day, I’m a fervent single-player enthusiast. Gaming offers a narrative perspective no other medium can match, an unparalleled level of immersion. I fully embrace the notion that single-player experiences in gaming are not dead. That isn’t to say I dislike multiplayer games, far from it, but that my investment in a product skews toward solo narrative experiences, with competitive or cooperative play as a supplement. That said, there are always exceptions.

I plan to critique and celebrate the many facets of gaming as a medium and a culture. I’ll offer my opinion on new releases and games currently crowding my backlog, as well as offer my thoughts on gaming trends and any news I find worth commenting on.

Time to get to work.


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