One of my earliest memories is of watching, awestruck, the Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back. My young mind was churning in wondrous excitement at the scene unfolding on my grandfather’s then state-of-the-art thirty-inch CRT television. I’ve loved movies and their magic ever since, and have yet to leave a theater without a critique boiling beneath the surface.

love talking movies, debating their finer points, examining the production, and following review-scores and box-office numbers. On top of that I have a strong love of the viewing experience. Theaters should be clean and massive, the sound roaring. I catch as many films in theaters as I can, and at home update my television and sound-system as often as possible. Movies are an experience.

I’ll critique and celebrate my favorite movies here, offer my thoughts on the industry whenever something interesting pops into my newsfeed, and obsess over the mundane and eccentric alike.

Let’s talk movies.


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