My name is Murphy and this is my blog. I’m the sort of person whose long-winded responses to the question, “So, what did you think?” has earned the eye-rolls and exasperated sighs of many a close-friend and loved one. Enough so, that in many cases they’ve insisted, “Oh, go start a blog!” or, “Go start a YouTube channel!”

Perhaps they’re right.

I’m opinionated and passionate about the media I consume. I’ve created this blog as a means to decompress, unpack, and share my thoughts and experiences with Video Games, Movies, Television, and various other things.

Follow along as I dissect new games, shows, and movies; as I chip away ceaselessly at my extensive backlog; and for my opinions on the latest news pertaining to each (that which I deem worth commenting on.)

This site is not monetized, and may never be, so as of right now there is no specific schedule regarding content creation and uploads.

All of the content on this site is made with this philosophy in mind: That media is created by and for consumers of media, and that there is – in most cases – something to appreciate in the created things of others.

Please like and share my content in any way possible, and feel free to engage with my content in the comments here or on social media.

Thank you!



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