Patience is a virtue

Hello, dear reader.

I told myself I wasn’t going to jump back on the Fallout 76 hate-train, but here I am.


To be fair, I don’t hate Bethesda Game Studios for Fallout 76, nor do I think it’s the worst game ever made. However, the damage done to Bethesda’s reputation – a consequence of their own actions (or lack thereof) – throws the future of this company into jeopardy.

This is not a publicly traded company. They may not suffer the pitfalls of rising and falling stock prices, but are – more than most – beholden to their optics regarding consumer confidence.

Two weeks ago, I called for civility from the player-base, asking that we give Bethesda the benefit of a doubt. I fully expected them to own up to their mistakes and work tirelessly to be as transparent and consumer-focused as possible – all the while fixing an objectively broken game.

I was wrong.

Tweets won’t suffice, vague patch-notes won’t suffice, and the shadow of impending micro-gambling won’t suffice. A serious course-correction is warranted, and I’m no longer confident that Bethesda is up to the task. This is, hopefully, my last video on the matter.

Watch below.

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Please enjoy your holidays safely and respectfully.

Until next time.


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