This dead horse…

Hello, dear reader. That backlash regarding Bethesda’s recently-released Fallout 76 seems to be subsiding, so I’ve taken to offering a post-mortem of sorts – albeit an optimistic one.

Today on Black Beanie Gaming, I rant a bit about what Bethesda has done, what they haven’t done, and that damn nylon bag controversy that WON’T GO AWAY. One wonders the brand of scotch Todd Howard’s been using to dress these public relations wounds the past few weeks.

Regardless, I think that Bethesda deserves our continued support through these tumultuous times. We, as consumers, demand a better product, but to insinuate that Bethesda is as blatantly greedy and ignorant to their consumer’s best interests as, say, Electronic Arts or Activision, is absurd.

They may have exercised poor decision-making in the weeks and months prior to the launch of this game, but their sins are minor when compared to the corporate fuckery of EA.

My thoughts on what Bethesda should do and, more importantly, how we should behave in the video below.

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