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Today I’m talking about Fallout 76, Bethesda’s frantic mismanagement of its release, and the backlash surrounding the game. I go over my personal qualms with Bethesda’s performance this console generation, recommend some fantastic YouTube videos, and speculate as to how all of this could happen. I’m disappointed, reader, but only because I love this game studio so much. What are we if we can’t hold our loved ones accountable for their actions?

And yes, there’s plenty of rage to go around, but don’t reach for those pitchforks just yet.

Bethesda is late to the shared-world survival genre, it shows, and Fallout 76 is the sobering wake-up call the studio needed in order to address their game engine and world-building, but if there’s a developer capable of a course-correction – it’s Bethesda Game Studios.

But can they make peace with their fans *and* save Fallout 76? The backlash, the pending lawsuits, and the disastrous technical issues and poor public relations have all but crippled this game in less than a month.

My thoughts in the video below.

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