Arcadia Bay protects its secrets

Hello, dear reader.

Today we continue our play-through of DONTNOD’s Life is Strange, and conclude Episode Three: Chaos Theory.

Fresh from a midnight dip in the Blackwell Academy pool – and narrowly avoiding security – Max Caulfield and Chloe Price must now navigate their rekindled friendship (and possible budding romance) and fully begin the hunt for clues about Rachel’s disappearance. Max is growing insecure about her mysterious power, as it was a close attention to detail that saved Kate Marsh – not necessarily her ability to rewind time.

This complicates things.

On one hand, she and Chloe must take advantage of her time manipulation to extract relevant information about Rachel’s whereabouts, but the vision of the storm lingers. Secrets regarding Rachel come to light, and things aren’t as they once seemed. Meanwhile, Chloe must manage her deeply rooted fear of abandonment and the mournful anger she harbors from her father’s appearance.

In an desperate effort to help her friend, and perhaps help Rachel, Max discovers a powerful new ability – one that, once used, bares world-changing consequences.

Also appearing: Cringe-worthy dialogue, birds, and beans!

Check it out below.

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