The plot thickens…

In this installment of the Black Beanie Gaming play-through of DONTNOD’s hit episodic game, Life is Strange.

We pick up the night after having saved Kate Marsh’s life. With the drama done, and tension deflated, it’s time for Max Caulfield and Chloe Price to get detecting. Who is behind Kate’s abuse? Where is Rachel Amber? What is the cause of the strange happenings in Arcadia Bay? Can Max use her powers to solve the mystery while managing her rekindled friendship with Chloe? Will Victoria ever chill out? Will Warren?

Arcadia Bay is a town of mysterious people and powers. Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory delves right into what makes the series so potent – its characters and its atmosphere. Much can be said for the tightness of the actual plot of LiS, and just as much can be said about the dialogue, but what DONTNOD does is stick the landing. Themes and concepts are woven so well into the presentation and game-play that it’s near impossible to resist getting swept away to wherever DONTNOD wants to take you.

But what am I preaching at you for, dear reader? See for yourself!

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Until next time.


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