My Kingdom for a Water Bottle

It’s no secret that Fallout 4 has a brutally difficult Survival Mode. It’s no secret that playing games on their hardest possible difficulty is a fool’s errand, reserved only for those bone-headed enough to think they’re up for the challenge.

Dear reader, meet the bone-head (me.)

In this week’s Fallout 4 Survival let’s play, we run out of excuses to take the fight directly to the Raiders holed up in the old Corvega Factory in Lexington. Their numbers are many, and the surrounding landscape is full of the sorts of danger easily inoculated by a lower difficulty setting.

Be it Bloatflies or a single vicious dog – everything is a veritable life-ending threat. Take it from someone who’s had to edit out the amount of times I’ve been killed by my own grenades.

Some takeaways from this week’s session:

  • Using the item duplication glitch in your settlements is a sure fire way to ignore the most annoying aspect of the game’s meta, it also lowers the bar that signifies how much build-space you have remaining in your settlement – that means you can perform the exploit and grant yourself more room to build.
  • Grinding is grinding – no doubt about it. However, this early on, crafting can net some serious experience boosts.
  • In all my hundreds of hours playing this game, I’ve never once felt the need to eat a food item or craft a specialty meal / chem at one of  the game’s various crafting-tables. This difficulty has changed that impulse. The difficulty forces a close attention to detail: Item management and general health being key aspects.
  • Having to walk to your destination is an absolute slog, but grants a totally new perspective of the game-world. My first several characters, I would sprint through whole areas without a passing thought. Now, I find myself scurrying behind barriers, searching every container and corner of the map around me for either a place to hide, something to eat, or a bed to sleep on.
  • Dying far from the bed you last saved at, after clearing out a horde of enemies, is rage-quit material. Save early and often. Find the beds. You can only get well-rested at an owned bed, but any cot in the wilderness will allow you to save. Do so.

Anywho, here’s the latest video. In it I battle bugs, Raiders, my immune system, dogs, terrible A.I. pathing, and the unending patter of my footsteps as I hoof it across the wasteland. It’s a good, miserable time. Every inch gained is a massive victory.

Check it out below.

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Until next time.


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