The Wasteland Calleth

Hello, dear reader. I hope all is well.

Today we hop back into the desolate world of Bethesda Game Studios’ 2015 monster hit, Fallout 4, in this once-or-twice weekly installment of the Black Beanie Gaming Survival Difficulty Play-Through.

It takes a lot of effort to get nothing done in this game…..

To catch you up:

Fresh from our defeat at the hands of a tire-iron wielding raider, we pick up at our latest save – a mattress just out of town. With renewed vigor, we set our sights on besting the raiders invading the Museum of History, but also on freeing the Minutemen – so that we may eventually aid in their ascension to the role of protectors of the Commonwealth Wasteland. A tall order, indeed.

Along the way we get murdered by nearly harmless animals, drink water like four million times, get a urinary tract infection from a dirty mattress, and give our faithful dog a red bandanna – all the while trying desperately to get our crops to grow in Sanctuary Hills. Somewhere along the line we may find our son or whatever, but that can wait. We have to see if we can survive a single night in the wastes without a bed rash.

For your viewing pleasure:

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Until next time.


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