Things are getting serious…

Hello, dear reader.

Today we continue Black Beanie Gaming‘s play-through of DONTNOD’s popular episodic series, Life is Strange, by finishing Episode Two: Out of Time.

Multiple plot threads come to a head as DONTNOD flexes their narrative chops. There are no small choices for Max Caulfield to make as she comes head to head with not only the consequences of her own actions, but the actions of others. Her best friend Chloe owes money to the seemingly dangerous Frank Bowers, and has already stolen a gun from her step-father, David, as a means to protect herself. Speaking of, the harassment of Kate Marsh comes to a head in tragic fashion. Max, still struggling to break free of her social inhibitions, must decide if her newfound power is a force for good and to help others, or to get ahead in her own life.

Watch along here:

Stay tuned for the next installment in the play-through. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Black Beanie Gaming YouTube Channel. Follow along on Twitter for updates.

Until next time.

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