Welcome Back

Happy weekend, reader, I hope all is well.

Black Beanie Gaming is back with another entry in the Life is Strange play-through.

Today we start Episode Two: Out of Time.

Max Caulfield has discovered her ability to control time. This throws a wrench in her day-to-day at Blackwell Academy. Now she must navigate her peers at school and decide whether to use her new power for good, or otherwise.

Max has also been reunited with longtime friend Chloe Price, who suggests that Max use her power to stir up some trouble. Max is hesitant, though, as she’s already saved Chloe’s life once – should she be actively searching for trouble? Not to mention the pervasive mystery of Rachel Amber’s disappearance, and the viral video destroying Kate Marsh. Max is soon to learn her responsibilities regarding this newfound power, and all the consequences that follow its use.

Watch below.

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Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time.

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