War, War Never Changes

Unless, of course, you ramp up the difficulty and have to find a fucking mattress to save your game.

Here’s what I’ve set out to do, ladies and gentlemen:

A good while ago, Todd Howard and company over at Bethesda Game Studios heard a significant outcry among fans for a more difficult and engaging survival experience in Fallout 4, which (for all its improvements to both presentation and gameplay) was a fairly anemic role-playing experience.

I am of the belief that Fallout 4 is, in fact, a wonderful game; a game well deserving of both praise and criticism.

So, when fans asked for a survival mode akin to Obsidian’s Hardcore Mode implemented in Fallout: New Vegas (among other things), one would be forgiven for assuming that BGS felt slighted – then sought to introduce a difficulty so excessively frustrating that it would render the game nearly unplayable.

Survival mode doesn’t do that, not at all, but it is a notoriously unbalanced experience requiring an absurd attention to resource management, added diseases and ailments, a sustenance meter, a sleep meter, and the removal quicksaving, regular saving, and fast travel. Basically, Todd Howard heard our requests and proclaimed the following:

“Those fuckers want immersion? I’ll give them immersion. You want to sleep? Here you go. You wanna get thirsty? Here. But if you’re in the middle of building your fantasy settlement on Spectacle Island and Sanctuary Hills is attacked by a swarm of Super Mutants – GET READY TO WALK.”

Well, I’m sure he said something like that.

Either way, I’ve never played the difficulty, and I’ve never beaten the game fully aligned with the Minutemen. So that’s what I’m going to do. Beating the Institute and keeping both the Brotherhood and the Railroad alive is a tall order, amplified by a masochistic desire to do so on the games most punishing setting.

Come check it out.

Stay tuned for more from Black Beanie Gaming and other goodies here on the blog.

Until next time.


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