Hello all.

Very quick update for you. Over the weekend I was the guest on a podcast, That Was Okay I Guess, hosted by my friend Tucker Warner. We watched a mediocre, forgotten movie and got to work discussing it for your listening pleasure.

We watched 8mm, a late-90s thriller about illegal VHS porn, starring Nicholas Cage and directed by Joel Schumacher.

It’s glorious.

You can check that out on ITunes or Soundcloud. Runtime is around an hour, so it’s the perfect comedic take on a movie you’ve never heard of to bundle up with on the sofa, or in the car to work, or in the background while you cook, or while you sleep. The single episode of a niche podcast that you’ve needed for so long.

Please listen to it. It was so much fun to make. And, if you can, check out 8mm. You won’t regret it. Also be sure to follow Tucker on Twitter to get updates on the many things he has going on, and funny bits of commentary on sports or movies. Not convinced? He once had a tweet sung live on-air by SportsCenter. Follow him. Now.


More content for the site is on the way. This past week has only seen a handful of reviews and news updates. Everyone really seemed to like that Nic Offerman and Amy Poehler were working together again, so I can certainly scour the internet for news on series-revivials.

Other than that, there are some serious issues in the gaming industry that I want to talk about in the Commentary section of the site that I’ll get to eventually. I’m also going to start offering some information on Box Office numbers in the coming days – one of my absolute favorite things to do.

So keep an eye out, everyone! More goodies are on the way; more reviews and video-game content, for sure.

Thanks for helping the blog reach over fifty followers on Facebook, as well as the ten other WordPress bloggers who’ve followed my site, and the few who’ve commented. Engagement from you keeps me motivated.

On to the next!


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