Hello, all.

Quick update here. It was brought to my attention that due to the color scheme of the website (one of the six I have available through wordpress), some of the text in the header, footer, and menus was difficult to see.

So, I’ve chosen a color scheme away from the gray header and footer, which are now a deep and comforting indigo. Your minds, dear readers, should now be at ease. It’s all I want for you.

Especially different is the footer, where menus are now outlined and text juxtoposes that wonderful blue for increased visibility.

If you happen upon the page footer you may notice, popping splendidly from that cool, worry-rinsing azul, is a search bar!

Bottom left of the page, beneath every post and on the home screen, is the new “Search Murphy’s Media Blog” widget. Type in whatever you want, hit enter and you’ll be directed to your results; if it’s on MMB it’ll show up the order in which it was published (newest to oldest).

Please let me know if you like the changes, they’re subtle, but I think they make a difference. It took me hours to decide on the fonts I wanted to use here, so I sweat this stuff.

Just a general update: I’ve recently had surgery and am recovering by eating soft foods and watching Orange is the New Black. Expect some of my thoughts to end up on the site here.

Speaking of posts. My first week of content has received a fair bit of engagement from all of you. My many thanks. There’s plenty of content to come, and I hope if you visit the site you’ll feel inclined to share what you enjoyed or would like to see more of.

Lastly, I’ve been asked by an old buddy of mine, Tucker Warner, to appear on his movie podcast, The Was Okay I Guess – which you can check out here – and discuss a certain 90s Nic Cage / Joel Schumacher *ahem* thriller. Tucker has a sharp eye for film and television, and I couldn’t be more excited to shoot the shit with him.


That’s it for now! More updates and content to come as things materialize. Can’t wait to share it with all of you. So, stay tuned! Like and follow on Facebook and Twitter and stuff. Share if you can, it helps a bunch. And please, please, please, approach me with any thoughts of opinions of your own in any way you can, regarding my posts or the website itself. It’s always welcome.

Until next time.


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