EW reported way back in January that HBO had confirmed the release window for its cash-printing juggernaut of a series, Game of Thrones. A placidly announced “2019”.

How wonderfully vague. This was after EW had reported back in 2017 that GoT might not have anything Thrones-related in 2018. HBO has seen fit to release small morsels of detail regarding the show’s conclusion (while teasing the spinoff already in pre-production), and around every three to five months we get a tasty little carrot dangled in front of us.

We’re biting HBO. Don’t worry.

Well, EW has reported again a clarification of HBO’s timetable for the final season’s release, and a bit more information on the prequel series spinoff.

Casey Bloys, HBO’s programming president, said to reporters that the final season of GoT will release in the “First half” of 2019. And that’s it. First half. 2019. Go apeshit, everybody, because that probably means it will follow a similar release pattern as seasons 1-6, airing in late March or early April as opposed to season 7’s July premier.

Remember, this final season will only be six episodes long, and (if Maisie William’s instagram is to be believed) principal photography has ended. All that’s left to do is for the animators slaving away in HBO’s office-basement to render the dragons, and the armies of the dead, and of the living clashing with those armies in what is sure to be the most extravagant and monumental achievement in television history. Did anyone else just shiver?

Moving on.

EW also makes mention of the prequel series HBO is producing to fill the void left after GoT wraps. You might remember rumors swirling around that HBO ordered five fucking prequel shows. Which is a lot, considering the massive budget of each episode of GoT. Perhaps following a moment of clarity in the afterglow of their hubris, they realized that only one show was necessary. A show, as reported by EW, that Casey Bloys expects to start filming in early 2019.

So, 2019 appears to be the year for all things Game of Thrones. Nothing to do now but create a new email and sign up for another free trial of HBO Now, catch up on Westworld or binge seasons 1-7 of GoT. Hum the theme-song to yourself on the morning commute. It’ll be worth it (hopefully).

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