First Things First

Welcome to Murphy’s Media Blog!

I’ve had this thorn in my side for quite some time, and after countless setbacks – both real and imagined – I’ve committed to cataloguing my thoughts and opinions on all things Games, Movies, and Television.

It took some time to set this up, and there may be a number of changes that the website undergoes, but for now I’m content with the layout.

But where’s the content? The reviews? The rambling currents of unintelligible barking over loot-boxes or heightened ticket-prices? It’s coming, I assure you. There’ll be plenty to see in the coming days, weeks, and months. I refuse to play catch-up with pop-culture, so the occasional tremor in the zeitgeist may slip under my radar, but this is – above all – an experiment for me.

My plan is to provide thoughtful content. Rarely will I type up a blog-post without thoroughly considering what I’m putting out online. What I review, I have seen and played enough to offer an informed opinion. When I share news or provide commentary on something industry-related, it will be with careful consideration as to the sources of my information. It is a deeply held belief of mine that we, as consumers, should be aware of what we are being sold – an idea not exclusive to one product. All of that said, I can only provide what I know, and what I experience.

My hope in the long run is that if you visit this site, this blog, you take something away from it (Not literally, please don’t plagiarize), and that it helps to develop your own thoughts and opinions regarding the media that we all consume on a daily basis. I hope that this becomes a place you frequent and enjoy, because I love talking all things games, movies, and television. I love venting my frustrations with media or my elation over an exceptional experience. I hope we can share those moments here.

I’m beyond excited to get to work on content for this website. It’s been a glimmer in my eye for quite some time, and an intimidating prospect to render my thoughts into words and jettison them out into the public sphere. But now it’s officially on. Time to get to work.

Next Order of Business

Speaking of content. Let’s talk a little about what type of content to expect on this site. Reviews and Commentary, mainly. Opinionated rants and breakdowns. News will mainly include my opinions on breaking stories.

A disclaimer. I’m going to try and post to the website as often as I can. This is a pet project of mine and is not monetized in any way. This is a one-man-operation (one which nearly faltered trying to find non-copyrighted images to use for this website). So, there may be some lengthy gaps between uploads; some uploads may have links, others won’t; some posts will have images, some may not; plenty of what I’m doing here is trial and error.

That said, I’m more than open to all feedback. Comments-sections are enabled on almost every area of this website. I encourage anyone with thoughts to share to do so. Tips on improving the site, its layout, my writing, and anything else that comes to mind.

When it is uploaded, all content will automatically be shared via Facebook and Twitter onto this pages respective accounts. Please feel free to like both of those pages! You can do so by scrolling to the bottom of this website, where I have widgets for both Facebook and Twitter. You can also head to both pages by following these links.

Furthermore, you can subscribe to email notification by using the email subscription widget at the bottom of the website, and be alerted via email whenever I upload something new!

Let’s Talk Layout

As it stands today, the website has several links at the top-right of the page – each with a drop-down arrow. All of my posts are categorized as Review, Commentary, News, or Backlog; and categorized further under Games, Movies, and Television. Clicking on one of the categories listed at the top right will send you to a static-page that details what you may find there and how I classify each section. Hovering over the drop-down arrow will open a small menu, where you can select the subcategories. Ex: Reviews > Game Reviews. Clicking on a subcategory will display for you any blog-posts on the website I have filed to it, ordered by the date of the upload, displaying the most recent posts first.

The Homepage will display all blog-posts from most-recent onwards. Scroll through at your leisure.

The About tab, the first category at the top-right of the page, details a small bio of me, Murphy, and why I decided to start this blog. In the drop-down menu are some other static-pages that offer a glimpse into my relationship with these mediums and my philosophy regarding each: Gaming, Movies, and Television. Below these is the Updates subcategory. This will direct you to a list of any updates I’ve posted on the blog, listed by date.

At the very bottom of the website, below everything, are four widgets: Facebook plug-in, Twitter plug-in, Email-Subscription, and the Google Translate tool.

I’m currently working within my WordPress template to add a search-bar somewhere on the website that isn’t aesthetically appalling.

All of this, I should say, is subject to change.

What won’t change, however, are the comments-sections below every page and post. Feel free to leave your thoughts whenever you can.

Here We Go

This was a long post, perhaps too long. Though, I’d rather set the stage with a gesture of transparency.

I’m going to work hard on this. I’m incredibly opinionated about the media I consume, and love sharing my thoughts on all of it. Rarely do I walk away from a game, movie, or show without something to say. Maybe you’re like that, too, or are just looking for some honest reviewing that won’t count toward a film’s Rotten Tomatoes Score. Maybe you’re interested in Box Office predictions or video game sales, or just want to know if anyone else obsesses over the same memorable moments in gaming as you do. Maybe it’s a little bit of everything.

To close things off, I’d just like to say that this blog, the entire concept (as simple as it is) was born to both myself and my greatest friend, who, sadly, passed away before any of this could be realized. There was so much more in the pipeline: a podcast, livestreaming, and more. With whatever joy I derive from the latest game or movie, new episode of a long running series, there is the sobering reality that the one person I’d grown so accustomed to sharing these experiences with is no longer here to enjoy them. Much of what I intend to do here is dedicated to continuing our dialogue; by doing what we loved to do over Xbox Live, or on Discord, or late at night over beers and cold pizza – bitch and gush about Games, Movies, and Television.

So, there it is. I hope you like what you find here and feel inclined to tell your friends about it!

More updates and content to come.


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